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Largest Slot Machine Retailer the in Midwest
We Stock 1,500+ Machines

Largest Slot Machine Retailer the in Midwest

Best Selection of Slot Machines, Parts, & Accessories

  Ohio River Slots specializes in a number of things. We excel in servicing the home market buyer, supporting our dealers, and even sending containers and pallets of machines overseas. We have years of experience in all phases of the used slot machine business. Our customer service is phenomenal which allows us to keep our prices low. How so do you ask? We sell so many machines from referrals from our past customers that it allows us to pass on the savings to new customers. You may ask yourself... every company says they have good customer service so do you have a way to prove it? The answer is yes. We can provide you with pictures, videos, and even proof from emails about how satisfied our customers are with the product they receive. Remember, we are in the business to sell you machines for a lifetime, not just a one time deal. Whether you order one machine or 100 machines, you will be treated the same because at the end of the day all of our customers matter. It is important to remember that these are used slot machines. You are purchasing a used piece of electonic equipment that has been retired by modern day casino's. We do our best the restore the machine to be as new as possible. These machines when they're brand new are extremely expensive. You can not purchase a brand new slot machine.

We can still convert the slot machines to accept coins/ tokens. But its highly recommeded to go the coinless route. This means the machines will play the exact same way they do in the casino. They will accept all the new bills and when the cashout button is pushed a ticket with dispense your value won. We can even customize the tickets to your personal liking. 

Casinos did away with coins for a reason- they're a headache I'm just going to be honest. Coins get jammed and its harder for us to help diagonose over the phone. Remember we want you guys to be happy with your machine. If you have any questions please call us.

Ask us about our TITO system that we now offer! This will allow the machine to accept the tickets back into the bill acceptor


If you're an overseas customer an are looking to have machines shipped overseas please contact us as well. We have a lot of experience sending cointainers overseas and we can help make the process run smoothly. We also have an airport close by where we can pick you up at and show you our facility. You can contact us through skype as well : Slotdeals/Chrisday71/ Andy.Slots

Add us on Whatsapp 937-371-7110

We are a family owned business that was started by our father many years ago when he used to import the "Japanese Skill Stop Machines" we have since moved on from that to the real deal " Las Vegas style slot machines". Being family owned gives us a huge advantage, we are able to keep overhead costs low due to the fact that our facility is on our property. We do not work out of a garage. We have a 10,000 square foot warehouse, an office, a showroom, and a workshop area for the technicians to get the machines ready, we even have a technician that lives on site!

We do not offer 24/7 service…. it's this simple. There are only 6 of us and we don't typically  answer phone calls at 3am. However, I can say this. Between myself and my brother you can count on us to help you after hours whether it be through email, phone call or text. There are companies out there offering 24/7 service… try calling them at 3am. That should be an indicator that they are just saying whatever sounds good to the "customers" ears. Once again let us prove to you why we are the leading retail and wholesale used slot machine supplier in the country.

Still wondering what all of this coinless slot machine talk is all about? Dont worry we can still make the machines take coins. They can be converted to take quarters, nickels, and even tokens. Just ask us about it if you have questions.

If you are looking for Casino games to use for overseas than you have found the right company. We have sent several containers overseas ranging anywhere from 20 machines to 200 machines. Popular machines for overseas use tend to be IGT S+, IGT S2000, IGT I game, IGT PE+, Williams Bluebirds, IGT AVP and Bally Gamemakers.

We have a section on this site dedicated to slot machine games that are extremely popular in the casinos right now. Unfortuneatly they're not available for homeuse. Some of the machines are Wheel of Fortune, Michael Jackson, Monopoly, and Tarzan to name a few

Please contact us if you have any questions. You will truly be impressed how quickly we respond.

I encourage you to watch our videos section- under the "How-To" you will find helpful videos. You can also view our warehouse vidoes that will allow you to take a look at our warehouse and help you get a better understanding of what we do.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you,

Ohio River Slots


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